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subject: SIGINT RAF Fylingdales
Wazifa for love get back, powerfulislamicdua@gmail.com | 10. March 2018 18:55

Wazifa for love get back

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subject: Cakmakli
Larry Applebaum, L-M.Applebaum@t-online.de | 05. March 2018 21:58

LTC, US Army Retired

I commanded the 70th Ordnance Company from June 1977 to June 1978. The barracks were typical NATO standard - two levels above primative. We did a lot of work to impove the storage site. My troops were great and it was one of my most rewarding assignments.

subject: SIGINT RAF Fylingdales
Vizag Escorts, vizagmenika@gmail.com | 05. March 2018 09:31

Vizag Escorts

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subject: Cakmakli
Sutton, praxislogik@yahoo.com | 04. March 2018 06:19


My first duty station quite a culture shock for a 18 yo. Shout out to those few 11Bs.who spent countless hours guarding the igloos

subject: SIGINT RAF Fylingdales
thebeanery | 01. March 2018 08:49

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