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AIR Mariepskop

Last modified: 13 Aug 2019

Country: South Africa   

Latitude: 24° 32' 40" S     Longitude: 30° 52' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


In the 1950ís, planning and development of Mariepskop Radar Station started. Project NATSEC (National Security) was launched to establish a chain of radar stations along the borders of the then Transvaal in order to protect the Witwatersrand area from possible aerial attacks from neighbouring states. The radars were to ensure optimum coverage so a communication network was essential for the link with all airbases.

1 Air Defence Unit started testing in 1964 and Mariepskop was officially named 1 Satellite Radar Station. The station became operational in 1965 and, being totally upgraded in 1981, is currently still operational using a Plessey AR3D threedimensional airdefence radar. The station is a Reporting Post for the Sector Control Centre.

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