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1.RAF / US / Overseas-Ascension

Last modified: 12 Apr 2021

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Ascension Island

Locale: Atlantic

Latitude: 7° 55' 59" S     Longitude: -15° 37' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Ascension Island Base, DHFCS a.k.a. Widewake Airfield tacticall: HAVEN. Frequencies: HF 4742.0 - 9031.0 - 11247.0 mHz
Ascension Island is part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

The military part of Ascencions Widewake Airfield is a RAF base on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. Over 700 miles from its nearest neighbour, Ascension Island was used extensively as a staging base during the Falklands War in the 1980's and this is still the major role for the base, which it performs for both RAF and USAF. Regular flights from RAF Brize Norton link the island to the UK and from Langley AFB links it to the USA, The base also hosts facilities for nearby NSA/Echelon Satcom monitoring posts and is one of the 14 worldwide USAF SCOPE strategic / tactical C2 system sites. (Check United States SCOPE Offutt for more information about this system).
The Island also hosts one of 5 ground facilities operating the military Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational system.

Lat 758'20.96"S Long 1424'1.13"W - NSA large bunkerlike facility with radomes and dish antennas around
Lat 758'27.58"S Long 1423'29.56"W - NSA telemetry hill
Lat 756'59.32"S Long 1422'41.98"W - Tracking stn
Lat 757'27.43"S Long 1424'12.30"W - NSA radomes
Lat 757'6.09"S Long 1424'36.44"W - Base housing area

756'58"S 1422'41"W - USAF 45th Ops Group Det 2 (part of USAF 45th Space Wing at Patrick AFB) located at Ascencion Island (St Helena British Overseas Territory) . The unit operates a space monitoring & tracking station

There are lots of other antenna arrays over the Island at grid:
757'30"S 1423'46"W and 757'15"S 1423'9"W - both RAF HAARP
758'24"S 1424'27"W - RAF EW radar & nav beacons at Wideawake airfield
757'16"S 1419'44"W - Decommissioned NASA tracking
754'24"S 1424'11"W - US/UK military comms facility with remote controlled antenna arrays at
755'57"S 1421'25"W at 756'17"S 1422'32"W at 755'55"S 1422'55"W and at 755'2"S 1423'18"W
753'55"S 1422'37"W - BBC south atlantic civ relay station

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