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4. NAV / NAS / Key West

Last modified: 05 Jun 2022

Country: United States    Region: Florida

Latitude: 32° 19' 59" N     Longitude: -89° 15' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


2434'7"N 8141'0"W Naval Air Station Key West is an air-air combat training base also supporting operational and readiness requirements for DoD, Homeland Security, National Guard units, Federal Agencies and Allied forces. the USN's training facility for tactical aviation squadrons. Local aerial ranges enable aviators engaging in maneuvers right after takeoff. The station is equipped with a sophisticated tactical combat training system (TCTS) tracking and recording all aerial combat maneuvers. As a host facility, NAS Key West also provides and maintains facilities and services for tenant commands

Curent ops and units:
- Joint Interagency Task Force South conducts counter illicit trafficking ops, intelligence fusion and multi-sensor correlation to and handoff suspected illicit trafficking targets
- Fighter Sqn Composite 111 (VFC-111) operating F-5 II Tigers simulating 'enemy' units in air combat
- Strike Fighter Sqn 106 (VFA-106) operating F-18A's in a detachment stationed at NAS Key West
- US.Army SF Underwater Ops School

Note the EW radar at NAS Key West located at grid 2435'4"N 8141'20"W
and the 4 missilesites covering NAS Key West at grid 2435'53"N 8142'9"W ; 2434'32"N 8139'34"W ; 2435'33"N 8147'53"W and 2433'33"N 8145'40"W

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