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AA BA 133 Nancy-Ochey

Last modified: 23 Apr 2018

Country: France    Region: Lorraine

Latitude: 48° 34' 50" N     Longitude: 5° 57' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Base aérienne 133 Commandant Henry Jeandet; Nancy-Ochey Former French WW1 and WW2 airbase. Taken over by nazi luftwaffe (1940-1944).
Rebuilt 1951 as a Dispersed Operating Base for US forces. From 1963 on used by various Wings and Squadrons until now.

Current units:
● 3 Fighter Wing (EC) 3 EC reactivated in 2014 and comprises
-- Fighter Sq / EC 1/3 Navarre
-- EC 2/3 Champagne
-- EC 3/3 Ardennes
-- Conversion Sq ET 2/7 Argonne
All operating Mirage 2000D's in ground attack role.
- Aerial Support Center 01-451 Col Charles de la Beaume
- Élément Air rattaché à Base Aérienne 133 de Nancy-Ochey (SEE: AA EAR Nancy Ochey)

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