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Last modified: 11 Jul 2018

Country: United States    Region: Wyoming

Latitude: 41° 8' 59" N     Longitude: -105° 50' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


USAF-Global Strike Cmd Francis Emroy Warren. A former SAC base wth 389th Strat Msl Wing under 13th Strat Msl Div operating Atlas D ICBMs (1958-1965) becoming the nation's first operational ICBM base introducing Atlas missiles.

Current: under Global Strike Cmd with

● 90 Missile Wing. Activated 1963, with original designation of 90 Strategic Missile Wing. Now 90 MW operating 150 Minuteman III ICBMs on 24/7 alert.
90 MW organisation: a staff and 90 Ops Grp, Maintenance Grp, Mission Support Grp, Security Grp and Medical Grp, 3 Strat Msl Sqns, an ops support sq, a helicopter sq and a staneval element.
Each SMS is responsible for 5 Missile Alert Facilities and 50x Minuteman III ICBMs.
Missile Alert Facilities (MAFs) are used for command, control and monitoring the Minuteman Launch Facilities. A MAF consists of an underground hardened Launch Control Center (LCC), an aboveground Launch Control Support Building (LCSB) and an underground hardened Launch Control Equipment Building (LCEB) housing cooling and generator systems. The C2 equipment is located in the LCC. Each LCC has primary control and responsibility for 10 Launch Facilities in its flight and controlls 50 LF's.

See: ICBM F E Warren 90 / 319 field

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