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3. ARMY / USAREUR / Germany / Wiesbaden

Last modified: 18 May 2021

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Germany

Latitude: 50° 2' 21" N     Longitude: 8° 19' 33" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


50° 2'21"N 8°19'34"E Clay Barracks, Wiesbaden is part of the Wiesbaden Armed Forces garrison hosting
- Hq US ARmy EURope (USAREUR) The Army Service Component Command under USEUCOM.

USAREUR is responsible for directing US Army ops throughout its Area of Responsibility (AOR) and consists of 7th Army Training Cmd at Grafenwohr, 10th Army Air & Missile Defence Cmd and 21st Theater Sustainment Cmd both at Kaiserslautern, 19th Battlefield Coordination Det at Ramstein airbase and the US Army NATO Brigade at Sembach

USAREUR is composed of these other US army garrisons:
- USAG Ansbach / Illesheim ; - USAG.Benelux ; - USAG Garmisch ; - USAG Grafenwöhr / Vilseck - USAG Hohenfels ; - USAG Rheinland - Pfalz ;- USAG Livorno - USAG Stuttgart ; - USAG Vicenza' ; - USAG Wiesbaden - Kaiserslautern Joint Military Community (Combined USAr USAFE) - -- Kaiserslaurtern / Vogelweh - -- Ramstein

After completion of the latest base closings in Europe Wiesbaden has become HQ.USAREUR. Several other important military units and service organizations are now in the Wiesbaden Garrison.
Former Wiesbaden Army Airfield has been renamed Clay Barracks where the Garrison is headquartered servicing 15 installations and housing areas as well as several enclaves in and around Wiesbaden. A new housing area has been built and there has been millions of dollars spent on renovating existing housing and schools as well as other improvements. Wiesbaden Garrison currently supports appx 3,100 military members; 3,900 US civilians; 1,200 local civilians, 10,500 family members and 1,100 retirees. There are 7 housing areas with about 1,700 units for families and 900 barracks spaces and around 1,900 leaed dwellings.

Wiesbaden based:
- Army Flight Operations Detachment (AFOD)
- .US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District.
- 66th Military Intelligence Brigade
- 2nd Theater Signal Brigade

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