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2.USAr CENTral / USAF Air Combat Cmd - Shaw ab

Last modified: 12 May 2020

Country: United States    Region: S Carolina

Locale: Sumter

Latitude: 33° 58' 0" N     Longitude: -81° 31' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Sumter, S-Carolina, 3358'34"N 8028'51"W
USAF-Air Combat Command Shaw, S-Carolina is an airdefense fighterbase with multiple units.

USAF units:
∆∆ Hq USAF Central Command The Air Force Service Component of US Central Command (USCENTCOM), a joint DoD combatant 4 star general command.

∆ Hq 9 Air Force 9 AF is responsible for organizing, training and equipping of several active duty wings and direct reporting units (all are under Air Combat Cmd). 9 AF is a 3 star general command.

● 20 Fighter Wing Host unit which is also providing, projecting and sustaining combat-ready aircraft in conventional and anti-radiation suppression of enemy air defenses role, strategic attack, counter-air, air interdiction, joint maritime ops and Combat SAR role. 20 FW is operating F-16CJ aircraft

- US Army Central (ARCENT) a.k.a. the 3rd US Army is one of the Army Service Component Commands. it is located at Shaw airbase and serves as the Army Component Command for CENTCOM.
As of 2006 its subordinated unit is USAr 1st Sustainment Command (Theater).

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