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2. AIR / FR / Razorback range

Last modified: 29 Mar 2021

Country: United States    Region: Arkansas

Latitude: 35° 15' 15" N     Longitude: -95° 54' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Arkansas. USAF Razorback firing range is located at Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center (FCMTC). Razorback Range is an air-to-ground gunnery range, operated by the Arkansas ANG

The main tower is located on the SW corner of the range at 35-15.2 N, 94-06.0 W. The flank tower is located at 35-15.9 N 94-05.8 W.
Bomb Circle (Target A): Located 3,317' NEt of the main tower. The circles are 75', 150' and 300' radius with a highly visible center point target.
There are 2 strafe targets. Target #1 is a highly visible cloth target and is acoustically scored. Target #2, located north of target #1, is a hard target that is acoustically scored.
Rocket Circle: The rocket circle is located appx 600 feet east of the center of the bomb circle and 300 feet north and east of Bravo 1.
Airfield (targets B-1,B-2, K). These targets are southeast of the bomb circle and consists of a 150' X 3,000' dirt runway (heading approximately 320/140) with revetments on the northwest end of the runway.
Target C is a mobile missile SA-6 type site located approximately 500' southeast of the SAM Site (Star of David)
There are some Armored Array (targets D, E, F, G) consist of tanks and APC type single vehicle targets located east of the runway and south of the SAM Site.
Target H consists of 3 vehicles in convoy on an east/west road, appx 1,200' southeast of target B-1.
Target I is an armored convoy 300' east of the runway
Target J is a POL staging complex
Target L consists of an attack helicopter appx 1,800' east of the south end of the runway.
Target M is a SA-10 simulator and consists of a large truck body and a vertically developed section to simulate erected missile TELs.
Target N is a mortorized howitzer formation located appx one runway length southeast of the south end of the runway.
Sam Site: Consists of a SA-2 missile site (Star of David) approximately 2,000' east north east of the bomb circle.

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