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BOMARC Westhampton

Last modified: 10 Mar 2020

Country: United States    Region: New York

Latitude: 40° 49' 54" N     Longitude: -73° 18' 52" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former USAF Air Def Cmd, 6th AD Msl Sqn nuclear BOMARC facility; formerly operating 56x CIM-10 1959-1964. Closed
CIM-10 Bomarc was a supersonic interceptor for Cold War air defense of North America which, in addition to being the first long-range anti-aircraft missile. It was the only SAM deployed by the USAF.
Stored horizontally in a launcher shelter with movable roof, the aircraft was erected to fire vertically using rocket boosters and then was ramjet-powered during midcourse command guidance to a dive point. During the homing dive the missile's onboard AN/DPN-34 radar allowed the BOMARC to guide itself to the target (enemy bomber formation) and a radar proximity fuze detonated the 10 kiloton nuclear W-40 warhead.

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