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9. ICBM Larson 462 / 568 field

Last modified: 16 Jun 2022

Country: United States    Region: Washington

Locale: 4654′26″N 11945′19″W

Latitude: 46° 54' 25" N     Longitude: -120° 14' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Titan I complex 462 Strategic Air WIng / 568 Strategic Missile Sqn. 1961-1965.
462 SAW was located at Larson Airbase (Wa)
568 SMS was activated 1961 as a Strategic Air Command HGM-25A Titan 1 ICBM squadron. In 1962, SAC placed 568 SMS on ops status. Squadron was deployed in a 3x3 configuration, meaning a total of 9 missiles divided into 3 complexes. Each missile complex had 3 ICBM missiles ready to launch at any given time.

568th operated 3 missile sites: (1 Apr 1961-25 Mar 1965) at grid:

  1. A, 8 miles N of Schrag, Washington, 4711′16″N 11849′22″W
  2. B, 4 miles SSW of Warden, Washington, 4655′00″N 11903′17″W
  3. C, 6 miles SE of Frenchman Hills, Washington, 4654′26″N 11945′19″W

In 1964, Defense Secretary McNamara announced the phase-out of remaining 1st-generation SM-65 Atlas and Titan 1 missiles by 1965. Consequently the Titan1's of 568th SMS were removed from alert status. USAF subsequently deactivated the squadron. All missile sites were later sold off to private ownership after demilitarization.

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