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9. USAF Texas Towers 2

Last modified: 24 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: US offshore

Latitude: 41° 41' 16" N     Longitude: -68° 14' 23" E

Area use / Military Branches: Dismantled


Texas Towers 2. (1955-1964). So-called because of resemblance to oil platforms in the Gulf Of Mexico. These were manned radar sites in the USAF Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) radarchain. Initially 5 Texas Towers were planned off the Atlantic coast, extending radar coverage seaward. 3 were eventually built, TT-1 and TT-5 were never built. Besides TT-4, lost in the tragedy, the towers never met the USAF expectations.

The planned crew of 22 men proved to be inadequate; by 1957, a crew of 6 officers and 48 enlisted staffed each tower. Radar operators, maintenance personnel, medics and cooks. Texas Towers were equipped with AN/FPS-3 search radar, 2 AN/FPS-6 height finders and a troposcatter commolink with stations ashore.
In 1955 USAF occupied TT-2, 110 miles off Cape Cod. Tower and crew suffered the effects of constant vibration from the rotation of the radar and the diesel generators. The surrounding water and footings on the ocean floor even transmitted distant sounds up the steel legs to be amplified through the structure.

Website explaining the Texas Towers system

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