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2. Joint base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Last modified: 16 Mar 2021

Country: United States    Region: Hawaii

Locale: Oahu Island - Pearl Harbor

Latitude: 21° 18' 0" N     Longitude: -158° 4' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Joint Base Pearl Harbor / Hickam (JBPH) - Hawaii Former USAF Hickam Field and former USN Naval Station Pearl Harbor merged in 2010 and were placed under USN jurisdiction. JBPH is part of Navy Region Hawaii and provides capabilities-based and integrated Navy and joint ops Base Operating Support.

JBPH Naval units (Pearl Harbor):
∆∆ Hq US Pacific Fleet Pacific Fleet forces are positioned and postured to respond to any crises and are operating across the Pacific region. The admirals rank equals a 4 star general command supervising the equal to 3 star general command units:
∆ 3d Fleet includes 5 carrier strike groups, consisting of a combination of cruisers, destroyers and frigates. 3rd Fleet also has appx 30 submarines and 12 supply ships supporting the strike groups
∆ 7th Fleet is consisting of 8 carrier task forces and 1 USMC expeditionary brigade; all in 60 ships and submarines and 140 naval aircraft.
∆ Naval Air Force, Pacific consists of all aboard deployed fixed and rotary winged aircraft.
∆ Naval Submarine Force Pacific is consisting of 2 operational submarine groups
- SG7 is comprised of submarines deployed to the Western Pacific and a permanent, forward-deployed fleet including submarine tenders USS Frank Cable and USS Emory S. Land and 4 fast-attack nuclear submarines USS Chicago (SSN 721), USS Key West (SSN 722), USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) and USS Topeka (SSN 754)
- SG9 is comprised of 7 nuc ballistic missile subs USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730), USS Alabama (SSBN 731), USS Nevada (SSBN 733), USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735), USS Kentucky (SSBN 737), USS Maine (SSBN 741) and USS Louisiana (SSBN 743) and 3 nuc guided missile subs USS Ohio (SSGN 726), USS Michigan (SSGN 727) and USS Nebraska (SSBN 739).

JBPH USAF units (Hickam):
- Hq Pacific Air Force (PACAF) providing ready air and space power to promote US interests in the Pacific region in peacetime, through crisis and at war. PACAF is a 4 star general command supervising the dislocated 5th Air Force( Japan); the 7th Air Force (South Korea) and 11th Air Force (Alaska).

- Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
- 15 Wing PACAF
- 154th Wing (See: Air National Guard Hawaii)
- 515 Air Mobility Ops Wing
- 613 Air Ops Center
- Sector Operations Control Center Hawaii; obtaining data from multiple radarsites at grid 2130'28"N 1588'347"W (Joint Surveillance System station "H-01"; ARSR-4 radar) and at grid 22 8'52"N 15938'42"W (Joint Surveillance System station "H-02" with AN/FPS-117v4 radar). SOCCH automatically processes and displays data for detection, tracking and ident of air targets and the assignment and direction of interceptor aircraft to ensure peacetime air sovereignty
- SCOPE strategic / tactical C2 system site (check SCOPE Offutt for detailed info about the system). This site is also functioning as a combined Air Force GPS Monitoring and Remote Tracking station

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