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7.Kansas state ANG

Last modified: 06 Feb 2019

Country: United States    Region: Kansas

Latitude: 44° 40' 12" N     Longitude: -124° 46' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Kansas state AIr National Guard

- Hq at Topeka
- 190 Air Refueling WIng operating KC-135R's under Air Mobility Cmd stationed at Topeka grid 3857'36.83"N 9540'51.35"W
-- 190th Operations; Mission Support; Maintenance and Medical Groups
-- 127th Weather Flight and 73rd Civil Support Team

- 184th Intelligence Wing
Statoned at McConnell Airbase at grid 3738'21"N 9716'17"W under Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency providing combat support by collecting and analyzing intelligence. Unit members deploy overseas to augment active duty forces.
-- 184th Intelligence and Mission Support Groups with 4 squadrons and 1 flight
-- Regional Support Group with 3 squadrons
-- Detachment 1, Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range with 284th Air Suppt Ops Sq

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