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9. NIKE Anchorage area

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Alaska

Latitude: 61° 24' 20" N     Longitude: -150° 6' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nike site Anchorage in the Nike Anchorage defense area:
Sites were located around Anchorage to defend the city of Anchorage, Ft Richardson and Elmendorf Airbase.
Situated at Ft Richardson near Anchorage, the Command Post hosted the regional air defense command and control facility.
Manned by 4th Missile Battalion (redesignated 1st Missile Battalion, 43d Air Defense Artillery in 1972).
Site Point was damaged beyond repair during the earthquake in March 1964. The remainder of these batteries remained on duty until 1979.
USAF Air Defense Command/NORAD radar sites at Fire Island AFS (F-1) and King Salmon AFS (F-3) AK were integrated into the Army Nike operations. Radars used at Fire Island were CPS-6B, FPS-8, CPS-4, FPS-20A, FPS-6B. Nike missile operations continued until 1979 when the site was closed. Afterwards, the Air-Defense Command Post (ADCP) moved to King Salmon. Radars were FPS-93A and in 1982 the FPS-117 was installed. The King Salmon Long-Range Radar Site is still in use.

The Nike sites in the Anchorage area were not numbered but used codenames at grid

  1. Bay, Anchorage IFC at 61° 23′ 53″ N, 149° 51′ 55″ W, LA at 61° 24′ 21″ N, 149° 53′ 4″ W
  2. Point, Anchorage IFC at 61° 9′ 18″ N, 150° 3′ 21″ W, LA at 61° 9′ 31″ N, 150° 2′ 7″ W
  3. Summit, Anchorage IFC at 61° 15′ 29″ N, 149° 31′ 42″ W, LA at 61° 14′ 52″ N, 149° 32′ 54″ W

Nike Alaska

The Nike missilesystem in a nutshell.
NIKE (Greek mythology: winged goddess of victory) surface-to-air system consisted of 2 system versions defending the US and other countries against hostile aircraft. The Nike missile system was an airdefense system consisting of Nike Ajax and later Nike Hercules missile batteries organized in Air Defense Areas placed around population centers and strategic locations such as long-range bomber bases, nuclear plants and later ICBM sites. Nike batteries were manned by regular army as well as army national guard personnel. Eventually, all regular army units were replaced by national guard as a cost-saving measure, the Guard units could go home when off duty. The Nike sites in a defense area formed a circle around cities and bases and there was no fixed number of Nike batteries in a defense area. The actual number of batteries varied from a low of 2 (Barksdale Defense Area) to a high of 22 (Chicago Defense Area).

A battery consisted of a dispersed launch and fire control/guidance area. The missiles on the launch area could be stored underground (US only) or above ground.

All batteries in an air defense area were coupled with an Air-Defense Command Post (ADCP). These were radar direction centers for missile command-and-control functions. They could be equipped with the AN/FSG-l Missile-Master Radar Direction system, the AN/GSG-5(V) BIRDIE Radar Direction System eventually upgraded to the AN/TSQ-51 Missile Mentor solid-state computer system. Later on all ADCP’s were also integrated with the USAF Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) air defense radar network.

Nike Hercules batteries could be conventional or nuclear armed, in which case alway a regular army officer was in command.
The Nike system has been deployed in the US (CONUS) as well as overseas (NATO, far east).

Typical layout of a NIKE firecontrol/guidance unit
NIKE could be operated above ground
As well as underground
2 missiles on transportrails placed over their “coffins”

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dan, ( | 23. Feb 2006, 05:37

A little known fact that an old abandoned Agent Orange factory called "Vertac" located just outside the LAF Base in Jacksonville, AR is a restricted area because it contains an unknown number (once estimated in the thousands) of 55 gallon drums of concentrated Dioxins (byproduct of Agent Orange manufacture). The State Department of Health continues to issue (25+ years later) no fish consumpton for over an 100 mile distance of a stream called Bayou Meto due to contamination with Dioxins leaching from this old plant. Was once rated in the top 10 most toxic locations in this country. Numerous birth defects has been documented in the Jacksonville area, but the factory owners (defense contractors) "Vertac" were never held accoutable.

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