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2. AIR / Misawa airbase Japan

Last modified: 01 Apr 2021

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Misawa , Japan

Latitude: 40° 42' 28" N     Longitude: 141° 22' 8" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


US Joint Forces Japan Misawa airbase The only combined, joint service installation in the western Pacific hosting US Army, Navy and Air Force units as well as units of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

- 35th Fighter (host) wing operating F-16 consisting of 2 fighter squadrons, 1 maintenance, 1 engineers, 1 comms and supporting squadrons

- US SIGnal INTelligence facility at grid 40 43' 19" N 141 19' 33" E One of the worldwide stations in the NSA/Echelon network. The facility is being operated by US joint forces personnel stationed on nearby Misawa airbase
-- US Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Far East Detachment Misawa
-- USAF 373rd Intelligence Grp and Mission Supp Sq; 301st Intelligence Sq
-- US Army 403rd Military Intel Detachment
-- Civilian Defense Applications (NSA)

- Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Force 7th Fleet
- Naval Air Facility Misawa and rotational detachments of P-8 Poseidon and EP-3 Aries aircraft on 6-month deployment
- Aircraft Intermediate maintenance Dept Misawa

Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces:
Misawa airbse is one of the 2 Main Operating Bases in the Northern Area
- Northern Air Defense Force / 3rd Air Wing / 3rd TFS (F-2A/B, T-4)
- Provisional F-35A Sq (F-35A/T-4)
- SDF Hospital
- AEW Surveillance Group / 601st Sq (E-2C )
- 6 Air Defence Missile Grp HQ and (Patriot PAC3) Firing units 21 and 22
A Patriot Fire Unit protects an area of several tens of kms in radius. It is mobile and deployed according to the situation.
It consists of an Engagement Control Station, a Radar Set, an Antenna Mast Group, a Power Plant and 5 launchers with 4 missiles per launcher

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