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Last modified: 13 May 2018

Country: Japan    Region: Kanaqawa

Locale: Near Yokohama

Latitude: 35° 27' 0" N     Longitude: 139° 26' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Combined facility Atsugi is being used by Japanese and US forces.
Naval Air Facility - former Naval Air Station - Atsugi is homebase of
- NAF Atsugi staff support unit
- Carrier Vessel Wing (CVW) 5, the aircomponent deployed on the carrier USS George Washington consisting of
- Helicopter Sq (HS)14; anti submarine tasking (SH60F Seahawk)
- Vessel Air Queersq (VAQ) 136; electronic warfare (EA6B Prowler)
- Vessel Airborne Warningsq (VAW) 115; airborne early warning (E2-C Hawkeye)
- Vessel Fighter Attacksq (VFA)) 102; close air support, interdiction and recce (F18F Hornet)
- VFA 115; close air support, interdiction and recce (F18F Hornet)
- VFA 195; close air support, interdiction and recce (F18F Hornet)
- Vessel Replacement Cmd (VRC) 30; Fleet Logistics Support Sq

Atsugi is also home of the Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific (FRC WESTPAC) providing ready-to-use aircraft and aviation support equipment to USN and USMC forces permanently deployed to Pacific Command.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Atsugi is also home to the JMSDF naval aviation branch responsible for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. Based units:
- Fleet Air Wing 4 / Patrol Sq 3 (2 flights Kawasaki P-1)
- Air Transport Sq 61 (Lockheed C-130R Hercules) (LC-90)
- Air Development Sq 51 (P-1 & UP-1, P-3C & UP-3C Orion, SH-60J/K & USH-60K Seahawk)

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