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A note about the Hellenic Armed Forces

Last modified: 26 Feb 2021, submitted by: 'Karamanolis Mikos

Country: Greece   

Latitude: 40° 19' 14" N     Longitude: 21° 28' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Disclaimer: all data displayed has been acquired by “open sources” like and and and others.

- The Hellenic National Defence General Staff is the senior staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

- The Hellenic Army General Staff is the general staff of the terrestrial component Hellenic forces and supervises these major commands
– First Army, headquartered at Larisa,
– IV Army Corps headquartered at Xanthi, Thrace
– III Army Corps, based at Thessaloniki, Macedonia (NATO Rapid Deployable Corps)
– ASDEN Supreme Military Command of Interior and Islands based at Athens, Attica
– Supreme Military Support Command based at Athens, Attica

The Hellenic Air Force is considered to be, one of the largest air force in NATO and the world. Its personnel strength is appx 33.500 military operating over 600 aircraft and 8 types of airdefence systems in the following structure:
- Air Force Staff (Athens)
- AF Tactical Air Command (Larissa)
- AF Training Command (Dhekelia)
- AF Support Command (Elefsis)

The Hellenic Army is the land component of the armed forces with an appx personnel peacetime strength of 100.000 military. It has been built up as follows:
- General Staff
- Combat Arms consisting of Infantry Arm (incl SF); Cavalry Arm and Artillery Arm
- Combat Support Arms consisting of Αrmy Aviation Arm; Engineers Arm and Signals Arm
- Service Support Corps with Technical Corps; Supply and Transportation Corps; Ordnance Corps; Medical Corps and Research and Informatics Corps
- Logistic Corps with Finance Corps; Audit Corps; Post Office Corps; Quartermaster Corps; Medical Logistic and Administrative personnel Corps; Music Corps; Arms Master Technicians Corps; Corps Master Technicians Corps; Geography Corps and Military Secretaries and Translators Corps

The Hellenic Navy is the naval component of the armed forces and has a peacetime personnel strength of appx 33.000 military operating over 120 vessels. The navy has been built up as follows:
- Naval Staff (Athens)
- Aegean Sea Naval Command (Piraeus)
- Ionian Sea Naval Command (Patras)
- Northern Greece Naval Command (Thessaloniki)
- Navy Aviation Command (Grammatiko)
- Naval Training Command (Skaramagas)
- Naval Logistic Command (Athens)

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