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A note about the Kyrgyz Armed forces

Last modified: 09 Feb 2021, submitted by: Oleg K

Country: Kyrgyzstan   

Latitude: 42° 44' 34" N     Longitude: 74° 32' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


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The Kyrgyz Armed Forces were formed on 29 May 1992 when the president consolidated all formations and units of the former Soviet Army deployed in the territory of the new republic under the jurisdiction of Bishkek. The State Defense Committee was renamed to the Ministry of Defense on the basis of the hq 17th Army Corps

.Currently the army is based on 9,000 troops.(5.000 conscripts). Ground forces are divided into a Northern and Southern Group of Forces.

In 2006, the Air Force and Air Defense Forces were combined to form the Kyrgyz Air Force. In February 2014, the Armed Forces General Staff was expanded to have complete control over the military apparatus, with the ministry of defense becoming a state defense committee which plays a smaller and more administrative role. Despite this arrangement, many former military/security officials were in favor of returning the military to its former organization.

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