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AIR/GRND/NAV General Tunisian forces info

Last modified: 07 Feb 2021, submitted by: Bouali

Country: Tunisia   

Latitude: 31° 46' 0" N     Longitude: 4° 42' 6" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


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The Tunisian armed forces are consisting of a Ground force with
- 3 Mechanised brigades (1 armed regiment, 2 mechanised infantry regiments, 1 artillery regiment.); 1: Desert brigade (3 regiments); 1: Anti-aircraft artillery brigade; 3: Artillery regiments; 1: Engineer regiment; 1: Independent armoured recon regiment and 4: Para-commando battalions; an Air force operating from various military airfiields and a Navy operating from various seaports.

Tunisian Air Force inventory
Combat aircraft
- 12 x Northrop F-5E fighters; 4x General Dynamics F-16 Falcon multirole fighters; 4x AC-208 Combat Caravan CAS aircraft
Training aircraft
- 3x Northrop F-5F conversion trainers; 9x Aero L-39 jet trainers; 10x Aermacchi MB-326 jet trainers; 17x SAI Marchetti SF260 Trainers
- 5x Let L-410 utility; 7x C-130H and 2x C-130J airlifters
- 36x Bell UH-1H utility; 2x Bell 412 utility; 18x Bell OH-58 recon; 16x Alouette utility; 15x Sikorsky HH3 SAR; 8x Sikorsky UH-60 battlehawk and 6x Eurocopter AS 350
- 4x MQ-9 Predator recon; 6x Camcopter S100

Terrestrial Force inventory
- 725x M60A1/3 Patton maijn battle tanks; 54x SK 105 Kurassier
Armoured Recovery Vehicles
- 6x M-88A1 and 3x SB-20 Greif
Armoured Recon Vehicles
- 28x Panhard AML60/90; 20x Alvis Saliddin and 18x Cascavel
Armoured Personnel Carriers
- 116x M-113; 120x Fiat Otobreda 6614; 114x BMC Kirpi; 70x Elder Yalcin; 4x ACMAT Bastion and 13x VAB Mk3
Infantry Vehicles
- 80x HMmWV; 40x LPV Jeep 8; 40x NIMR; 100x Landcruiser 76
- 26x M-30 107 mm; 45x M101A1/A2 105 mm; 12x M114A1 155 mm; 48x M198 155 mm (all towed)
- 10x M108 105mm; 18x M109 155 mm (selfpropelled)
- 90x 81 mm; 64x 107 mm; 18x 120 mm (mortars)
- 80: BGM-71 TOW; 35x M901 ITV TOW; 120x MILAN; 25x SS-11 and 180x AGM-114K HELLFIRE (OH-58D helicopters) all antitank
- 90x M-55 20 mm; 10x Type-55 (M-1939)/Type-65 37 mm (airdefence guns);
- 46x M-48 Chaparral launchers and 60x RBS-70 (airdefence SAM systems)
- 16x M42 Duster (selfpropelled airdefence system)

Naval forces: (incl Coastguard)
Patrol boats
- 3x Bizerte class (FRA P-48); 4x Damen MSOPV 1400; 6x Hamilcar class (ex-German Type-143B); 1x Istiklal patrol boat (Esterel 32 m type);
6x Joumhouria class patrol boats (P270TN type); 1x Kerkouane class (P212 type; 3x La Galite class missile FAC (French Combattante III);
6x P270; 3x Utique class (Chinese Haizhui II); 2x Vosper 103 Tazarka class FAC; 2x 13.5 metre patrol boats (US donation) and 12x 7.6 metre patrol boats (US donation)
Amphibious support
- 1x Khaireddine (ex-US Wilkes) and 2x Tabarka (ex-US White Sumac)
- 4x Carabinieri Classe 700; 2x P300 type patrol craft; 6x P350TN patrol boats; 1x Ras el Blais Class patrol boat (ex-Kondor); 5x Sbeitla class inshore patrol craft and 10x launchers and boats

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