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3.LAND - Tel-al Harrah

Last modified: 13 Feb 2020, submitted by: J o k e r

Country: Russia    Region: Syria

Latitude: 33° 3' 46" N     Longitude: 35° 59' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Tel-al Harrah, Syria
Former Russian SIGnals INTelligencel facility on a mountain top near the Al Harrah village.(2004-2014).
A.k.a. Center S (Russian: Центр С)
The base was operated by Russian (GRU) and Syrian personnel who were monitoring all communications from Syrian rebels and from the Israel Defense Forces.
In 2014 the base was overrun by Syrian rebels but all Russian personnel had been evacuated, along with the sensitive equipment.
The base was recaptured again by the Syrian forces in 2018.
Current usage: unknown.

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