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7.Colorado state ANG

Last modified: 30 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Colorado

Locale: Aurora

Latitude: 39° 42' 46" N     Longitude: -105° 13' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Colorado state AIr National Guard is comprised of:

- Hq at Centennial
- 140 WIng under AIr Combat Cmd located at (see:) Buckley spaceforce base (Aurora) at grid 3942'46"N 10446'0"W with 140 Ops Grp with 120 Fighter Sq flying F-16D Falcon in mutirole version ; 200 Airlift Sq flying C-21A Learjet providing secure priority airlift for military and civilian leaders and 140 Mission Support; Maintenance and Medical Groups

- 233rd Space Group at Greeley Air Guard Station (4025'24"N 10438'26.78"W) operates USAF's only strategic survivable, mobile ground system (MGS) to receive early warning data. 233rd Group provides survivable and endurable missile warning detection to the National Command Authority and has the ability to survive and operate through all phases of trans/post attack. In addition, the satellites provide immediate, worldwide missle warning, space launch, and nuclear detonation detection.

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