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SEA Babadag

Last modified: 24 Nov 2019, submitted by: Captain Rob

Country: Romania   

Latitude: 44° 53' 43" N     Longitude: 28° 42' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Babadag garrison is hosting 307 Naval Infantry Regiment

Former 307th Marine Battalion ('Batalionul 307 Infanterie Marină') was the coastal defence unit of the Romanian navy and was formed in the mid 1970s for the defence of the Danube Delta and Romanian Black Sea shore. Ssince 1975 the Marine Battalion moved to Babadag and as of 2018, the Battalion has been redesignated 307th Naval Infantry Regiment.
The regiment is organized into infantry, reconnaissance, sniper, mortars, anti-tank artillery, engineers, communications, logistic and naval support units operating PA md. 86 assault rifles, PM md. 64 light machine guns, Md. 66 machine guns, 60/82/120mm mortars, AG-7 and AG-9 launchers, 76mm Md. 82 mountain howitzers, ABC-79M and TABC-79M APC's

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