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JOINT HQ Tallinn

Last modified: 03 Dec 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Estonia   

Latitude: 58° 2' 20" N     Longitude: 26° 33' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


5925'30.N 2446'25"E Tallinn Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces This Joint Hq participates in the leadership of the EDF in wartime and peacetime in order to ensure internal and external security of the state
The Supreme and Deputy Commanders are both major-generals with their support staffing: Materiel ; Movement/Transport ; Medical ; Personnel and Financial Services. The EDF consists of

Air Force (AIR) The Air force strength is only 300 personnel operating unarmed aircraft and radar systems. Its main tasks are to provide surveillance of Estonian air space and support the country's ground forces. The air force hosts units from other NATO countries at its operational air base.

Land Forces (GRND) The main part of the EDF with 6,500 active duty personnel, and 35,500 reserve personnel.

Navy (SEA) The navy has to protect the Estonian territorial waters and during crises it has to defend harbour areas, sea lines of communication and by-sea approaches to the coastline. According to long-term developments the navy will receive new multirole fast patrol boats.

Other based units
- Cyber Command
-- Staff/Signals Battalion
-- Sig & Information Technology Center
-- Cyberops Center
-- Estonian Det NATO Cyber Defence Center
-- Strategic Comms Center
-- Staff & Suppt Company
- Military Intelligence Center
- MP Command
-- Operational MP Service with 1 Ops and 2 reserve Companies

Hq Territorial Defence (reserve)
- Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Districts

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