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Last modified: 09 Jan 2019

Country: Vietnam   

Latitude: 10° 46' 55" N     Longitude: 106° 41' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: Former HQ MACV; MACV/SOG; HQ COMNAVFORV


10°46'56"N 106°41'37"E Saigon, at 137 Pasteur St.was the location of

HQ U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) MACV was a joint-service command of the US Department of Defense.

MACV was created in February 1962, in response to the increase in US military assistance to South Vietnam. MACV was first implemented to assist the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) Vietnam, controlling advisory and assistance effort in Vietnam, but was reorganized in May 1964 and absorbed MAAG Vietnam to its command when combat unit deployment became too large for advisory group control.
MACV was disestablished in March 1973 and replaced by the Defense Attaché Office Saigon which performed many of the same roles of MACV within the restrictions imposed by the Paris Peace Accords until the Fall of Saigon.

MACV's component commands were:
- US Army Vietnam (USARV)
-- I and II Field Forces, Vietnam (FFV)
-- XXIV Corps
- 5th Special Forces Group
- III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF)
- Naval Forces Vietnam (NAVFORV)
- Seventh Air Force (7AF)
- Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS)
- Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG)
- Field Advisory Element, MACV

MACV/Studies & Observation Group was in fact a classified, multi-service US specops unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War by means of:
-- 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG[A]) This is one of the most decorated active duty US Army Special Forces groups which saw extensive action in the Vietnam War (1965-1973). 5SFG conducted strategic recon missions in South as well as North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; carried out capture of enemy prisoners, rescued downed pilots and conducted rescue ops to retrieve POW's throughout Southeast Asia and conducted clandestine agent team activities and psychological operations.

Commander Naval Forces Vietnam (COMNAVFORV) a US Naval command (1965-1973) controlling
- Naval Advisory Group
- Seabees / 3rd Naval Construction Brigade;
- Military Sea Transportation Service Office, Vietnam,
- Officer in Charge of Construction, Vietnam (OICC-RVN),
- Naval Research and Development Unit, Vietnam,
- Commander Coast Guard Activities, Vietnam,
-- Coast Guard Squadron One, Coast Guard Squadron Three and other smaller Coast Guard units inland.

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