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GRND Camp Makomanai

Last modified: 01 May 2018, submitted by: Spooky

Country: Japan    Region: Sapporo

Latitude: 43° 0' 11" N     Longitude: 141° 21' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


43 0'12"N 14121'24"E Camp Makomanai
- 11 Brigade is subordinated to the Northern army.
Sapporo based Units:
- 11th Brigade Hq,
- 11th Tank Battalion, with Type 90 Main Battle Tanks
- 18th Infantry Regiment, with Type 96 Armored Personnel Carriers
- 11th Artillery Battalion, with Type 99 155mm Self-propelled howitzers
- 11th Reconnaissance Company, with Type 87 armored reconnaissance vehicle
- 11th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Company, with Type 81 and 93 Surface-to-air missile systems
- 11th Combat Engineer Company,
- 11th Signal Company,
- 11th Aviation Squadron, with UH-1J and OH-6D helicopters at 43 6'52"N 14123'4"E
- 11th NBC-defense Company,
- 11th Logistic Support Battalion,

- 10th Infantry Regiment Takikawa, with Type 96 APCs
- 28th Infantry Regiment, Hakodate, with Type 96 APCs

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