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CFS Leitrim Detachment Masset

Last modified: 06 Mar 2018, submitted by: J K R

Country: Canada    Region: British Columbia

Latitude: 54° 1' 40" N     Longitude: -133° 56' 6" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


54 1'40"N 132 3'55"W Former CFS Masset
Naval Radio Station Masset (1943 - 1968) established 1942 as Naval Radio Station (NRS) Masset and activated in 1943. Used as a hi-freq direction finding (HFDF) intercept station and a relay station for ship-shore communications. After WW2 closed and reactivated in 1951 becoming part of the military's SUPRAD (supplementary radio) system
Then Canadian Forces Station Masset (1968 - 1997). Reassigned following unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968.In 1971, a Wullenweber AN/FRD-10 antenna was built as part of a larger shore-based HFDF system to locate and classify enemy ships (Project Clarinet Bullseye]). The FRD-10 at CFS Masset remained in use after the end of the project.

Currently CFS Leitrim Detachment Masset (1997 - ). The equipment at the facility is operated remotely from Leitrim to gather signals intelligence for the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch and the Communications Security Establishment. (See: CFS Leitrim)

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