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3. ARMY / USAREUR / Ansbach Bismarck-Germany

Last modified: 18 Mar 2021

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Germany

Latitude: 49° 19' 1" N     Longitude: 10° 36' 50" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE

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Ansbach Bismarck Kaserne is part of US Armed Forces Ansbach garrison

- Bachelor housing and basing facilities

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Joe, ( | 02. Mar 2006, 01:12

Katterbach is the home of several Apache and Black Hawk Helicopters. The base is split in half by the freeway 14 from Ansbach to Nürnberg so you can drive right trough it but you are not allowed to stop. At night you can easily reach the fence and watch the Helicopers in action. But be carful there are always troups on patrol round the area.

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