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USAr Giebelstadt

Last modified: 18 Mar 2017

Country: Germany    Region: Bav.

Locale: Giebelstadt

Latitude: 49° 37' 59" N     Longitude: 9° 56' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Giebelstadt Army Airfield (ETEU). Built by German nazi luftwaffe 1936. After WW2 over to US Army. Over to USAF and redesignated Giebelstadt airbase 1950-1968. Units:
- 603rd Aircraft Control & Warning Sq 1950-1953
- various C-54 Skymaster transport units 1951-1952
- 602nd AC&W Sq 1953-1958
- CIA Lockheed U-2 Det with 4 U-2's from Wiesbaden AB 1956-1957
- 86th Air Div F-102 Delta Dagger interceptors 1962-1966. Departure of F-102 from USAF and budget cuts also led to departure of 602nd AC&W.

1968 transferred to US Army redesignated Giebelstadt Army Airfield. Units:
- 4th Brigade / 3rd Mechanized Inf Div (AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters and UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopters). 1969-1992,
- 2nd Batn, 3rd Aviation Regiment, (AH-64 Apache attack helicopters) 1988-1993
- 12th Aviation Bde (UH-60 Blackhawk and OH-58 Kiowa helicopters) 1997-1995
- 6th Batn, 52nd ADA Regiment (Hawk missile batteries) 1981-1993

As of 1995, primary units were: 69th ADA Bde; 5th Batn, 8th Batn 43d ADA (Patriot), 158th Aviation Regt (UH-60's); A Company, 5th Batn, 159th Aviation Regt (CH-47s; and B Company, 7th Battalion, 159th Aviation Regt (III Corps Support Cmd aircraft maintenance).
USAFE units were: Det.10, 617th Weather Sq, (meteo support for airfield and 3rd Inf Div and OL-C, 617th Comm Sq, (support for meteo and navigation equipment in the area.

2005 the DoD announced force reductions and as part of this redeployment, Giebelstadt Army Airfield closed June 2006. Current status: Regionalflugplatz Giebelstadt annex commercial Industrial zone.

Bell AH-1 Cobra
AH-64 Apache
UH-60 Blackhawk

Photos from the past

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stoeberhai, | 08. September 2007 10:19


The U.S. air field is closed meanwhile.

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