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Country: United Kingdom    Region: Lancashire

Latitude: 53° 46' 48" N     Longitude: -3° 18' 53" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Fulwood Bcks, Preston 5346'48"N 241'6"W
- Hq The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (Inf Corps) is the Infantry regiment of the North-West of England. It consists of 2 Regular Army Battalions (1 LANCS and 2 LANCS) and 1 Army Reserve Battalion (4 LANCS). All dispersed

Kimberley Bcks Preston 5346'15"N 241'20"W
- 4th Battalion, Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (4 LANCS)
-- Hq and B Coys
4 LANCS is part of 42nd Infantry Brigade as a light role infantry reserve Battalion. The Battalion specialises in dismounted close combat ops using light vehicles and foot and is capable of operating in a variety of terrain; with its primary responsibility of supporting the 2nd Battalion with a rifle company.

4 LANCS has companies dispersed over the area:
-- A Coy, Liverpool
-- B Coy, Blackburn
-- B Coy, Blackpool
-- C Coy, Workington
-- C Coy, Barrow-in-Furness
-- C Coy, Carlisle
-- C Coy, Lancaster
-- C Coy, Manchester
-- D Coy, Bury

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