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7.Vermont state ANG

Last modified: 15 May 2021, submitted by: J o k e r

Country: United States    Region: Vermont

Latitude: 44° 28' 20" N     Longitude: -74° 51' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Vermont state Air National Guard comprises 158th Fighter Wing
Since 1986 158th is operating F-35A's at Burlington Intl Airpt (military part) at grid 44°28'21"N 73° 8'46"W

Wing structure:
- 158th Operations, Maintenance, Mission Support and Medical Groups

- 134th Fighter Squadron

- 229th Cyberspace Operations Squadron

- 315th Fighter Squadron activated in 2016 in Burlington, Vermont. Today, it consists of Active Duty Airmen from 14 Air Force Specialty Codes, who work alongside members of Vermont’s Air National Guard 158th Fighter Wing in the fields of operations, maintenance and logistics. 315th Fighter Squadron directly supported the Vermont Air National Guard as the 158th Fighter Wing transitioned from F-16 to the F-35 Lightning II. In April 2019, after 33 years of flying, VTANG sent off its final F-16’s in preparation for becoming the first National Guard Unit to host the F-35 Lightning II. In September 2019, the 158th g received its first F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

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