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RAF Anstruther

Last modified: 06 Dec 2016

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Scotland

Latitude: 56° 16' 13" N     Longitude: -3° 18' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


5616'13"N 241'50"W Former RAF Anstruther radar. The bunker ws one of the chain of radar stations operated by RAF along the coasts of the UK in late 1940's and early 1950's. Under the codename Rotor they were designed to spot approaching Russian bombers and to direct intercepting fighters.
With the advance in radar technology in the late 1950's, fewer Rotor bases were needed and this site was mothballed. In 1958 it was converted into a Regional Civil Defence Corps HQ and again. The main command centre of the bunker has been recreated: in this room members of the ROC would have plotted the course of a nuclear attack. In the 1970's the bunker was refurbished on a larger scale becoming the Scottish main seat of government in the event of a nuclear conflict. The bunker remained ready for use in this role until 1992 and was opened to the public 1994.

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