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AD Nike Avedøre

Last modified: 28 Feb 2019, submitted by: Knossos

Country: Denmark   

Latitude: 55° 37' 59" N     Longitude: 12° 26' 54" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Avedøre; the Avedøre Lejr(camp) at 55°37'59"N 12°26'55"E was home to the HQ Nike Group and staffing and the tecnical support unit.

The NIKE Air Defense Missile System in Denmark was a US SAM system against high altitude targets which was introduced in 1959.
Denmark refused to supply sufficient ressources to install a continuous SAM belt like in Central Europe; however the Danish government gave its consent to deploy the NIKE airdefense system in the late 1950's. As the Danish government also refused to station foreign military and nuclear weapons in Denmark all Danish Nike sites would only be operatining in conventional role.
The US supplied and financed all equipment and since 1959 a Nike Army battalion (10 Luftvaernafdelingen) with 4 (A,B,C,D) batteries deployed on the main island Sealand covering an air defense cluster around Copenhagen and the Baltic approach between Sweden and Denmark.
Initially the batteries operated Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules missiles but in the late 1960's all switched over to Nike Hercules.
In 1962 the Airforce became responsible for airsurveillance and airdefence and all missile units reroled to the Royal Danish Air Force and were redesignated squadrons (531,32,33,34).

The Nike group organisation was:
- HQ Nike Group annex Technical site at Avedøre
- Nike Group Operations Control at the Vestvolden
- 531 Sq at Gunderød; 532 Sq at Kongenlunden; 533 Sq at Sigerslev and 534 Sq at Tune

The Nike sites on Sealand were maintained till the early 1980's when the US began to abolish the Nike system in Central Europe replacing them by the Patriot system. The Danish government refused to upgrade their system to the end of the decade by a technical support program like the other NATO partners did and continued operating an outdated system until phasing out between 1981-1983.
Denmark refused again to replace them by another missile system against high altitude targets.

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