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USAr Hanau

Last modified: 10 Dec 2018

Country: Germany    Region: HS

Locale: Hanau

Latitude: 50° 9' 42" N     Longitude: 8° 56' 39" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Hanau Army Airfield. Constructed 1936 and a Nazi airbase in WW2. Taken over by US Army in 1945 becoming a major US Army aviation facility during the Cold War, a.k.a. Fliegerhorst Kaserne Hanau. The airfield was gradually drawn down following Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm and was closed 2007.After a 63 year deployment the remaining US Army units left the Hanau garrison in april 2008.

Former US units at Hanau Army Airfield:
◾72nd Ord Bn ; 61st Miitary Police Company ; 4th (Aviation) Brigade / 1st Armored Division HQ ; 1/501st Aviation Battalion (Apaches) 1982-1989 ; ◾2/501st Aviation Battalion (Blackhawks) ; 127th Aviation Support Battalion ; 709th Military Police Battalion ; 3/58 Air Traffic Control ; 127th Military Police Company ; ◾V Corps Aviation Safety and Standardization Detachment ; Det2, 7TH Weather Sq

In 1990, the following elements were stationed at Hanau AAF:
2-227 Avn: 18x AH-64A, 13x OH-58C, 3x UH-60A ; 3-227 Avn: 18x AH-64A, 13x OH-58C, 3x UH-60A ; 8-158 Avn: 4x UH-1H ; I-227 Avn: 2xUH-1H ; Tac Force Viper: 15x UH-60A, 3x EH-60C, 6x OH-58A, 6x OH-58D, 6x UH-1H ; 3rd Battalion 20th Field Artillery (Formerly 2/75th Field Artillery): 24x M109A3 SP Howitzers

Other USAr units in the Hanau garrison: - Hq, B Coy 205th Trsp Batn.
Argonnes Barracks - 85th Maint.Batn, 695th Maint.Coy,
Francois Barracks - 1/32 Field Arty Lance, 36th Field Arty MRLS, troposcatter relay site.
Homberg Barracks - AADCOM, 3rd Airdef, 23rd Eng Batn, 2/6 Field Arty
Huttier Barracks - Hq Division Arty, 3rd Airdef, 3/7 Field Arty, 567th Eng Coy
Pioneers Barracks - 5595h Eng Batn, 130th Eng Bde, 122 Maint.Batn
Wolfgang Barracks - Class VI storage, training area
York Barracks - 8th Maint Batn, DS, Msl maint Lance V Corps

The Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Erlensee also hosted 2 former nuc weapon storage areas. This NATO Site # 5 at grid 50 9'43"N 856'41"E This J-type site was then the nuc reserve for 41st US Field Artillery Bde units storing 40x 8" nuclear artillery shells, later replaced by 20x Lance nuc warheads and 10x Atomic Demolition Munitions and 155 and 203mm nuc grenades. Site deactivation was in 1986. Depot supervision: 72nd Ordnance Btn. Depot Security: 61st MP Company. After that a former C-type Spec Ammo Strorage became ops until 1991 at grid 50 9'45"N 856'57"E on behalf of the 79th US Field Artillery Brigade, 2nd Battalion 20x Lance and 25x Pershing II reserve warhead storage. Nuclear battlefields, Global links in arms race Appendix A (Ballinger, Cambridge Mass. 1985)

The former conventional ammo storage is at grid 5010'0"N 857'5"E and a former Hawk (later Patriot) air defense unit at grid 5010'21"N 857'54"E

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