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4. NAV / Cuba / Guantanamo Bay

Last modified: 07 May 2021, submitted by: Crawfd

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Cuba

Latitude: 19° 55' 44" N     Longitude: -76° 52' 5" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


1955'44"N 75 7'55"W Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) The only base located in a country with which the US does not maintain diplomatic relations.

1956'21"N 75 7'37"W Naval hospital Gunatanamo Bay lies within the family housing compound.

1954'28"N 7512'37"W NAS Guantanamo Bay

1954'39"N 75 9'48"W Former Mc Calla airfield closed in the 1970's being replaced by NAS Guantanamo Bay. It is currently a storage area for Naval Stan Guantanamo Bay.

1954'14"N 75 5'58"W Detainment camp Guantanamo Bay a.k.a. Camp Delta, Camp Platinum, Camp Xray or GITMO.
This is a hi-sec permanent detention camp at the premises of Naval Stn Guantanamo Bay holding captured people wanted for terrorist action or conspiracy. Security personnel consists of selected Army MP and Naval Security members.

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