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Izmir, Cigli

Last modified: 26 Sep 2019

Country: Turkey    Region: Izmir

Latitude: 38° 31' 15" N     Longitude: 27° 1' 2" E

Area use / Military Branches: Turkish Air Force/USAF


Izmir, Cigli Airbase (LTBL). Current status: HQ Hava Egitim Komutanligi (Training Command)
2nci JÜUO
- 121 Filo - training (T-38A)
- 122 Filo - training (T-37B)
- 124 Filo - instructor training
- 125 Filo - training (Cougar/UH-1H)
Rapier missile defence at 38°17'58"N 27° 9'28"E


Former home of USAF 7231 Tactical Turkish Sq (TTS). In 1959, the location of the Turkish Jupiter Intermediate Range Balistic Missile squadron was settled with a government-to-government agreement confirming deployment of a nuclear armed Jupiter squadron on NATO's southern flank. 7231 TTS totalied 15 missiles deployed at 5 sites near İzmir, Turkey from 1961 to 1963,

The missiles were operated by USAF personnel, with the first flight of 3 missiles turned over to the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force) in 1962, but USAF personnel retaining control of nuclear warhead arming.

7231 TTS was responsible for training, deployment and ops support of the SM-78 Jupiter IRBM system in Turkey. The unit was based at Cigli airbase and operated an Hq with a Jupiter missile training site at grid 38°31'16"N 27° 1'4"E together with operational sites at grid:
Site 1 at 38°42′26″N 26°53′4″E
Site 2 at 38°42′23″N 27°53′57″E
Site 3 at 38°50′37″N 27°02′55″E
Site 4 at 38°44′15″N 27°24′51E
Site 5 at 38°47′30″N 27°42′28″E

7231 TTS consisted of 15 missiles and appx. 500 military personnel in 5 "flights" of 3 missiles each with a crew of 5 officers and 10 NCOs. To reduce vulnerability, the flights were located > 30 miles apart, with the triple launcher emplacements separated by a distance of several hundred miles.

All Jupiter IRBMs were removed from service by April 1963, as a backdoor trade with the Soviet Union in exchange for the earlier removal of Russian IRBMs from Cuba.

Jupiter on display
Launch facility
Nnose cone with single warhead

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