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6.Italy USAr-Vicenza / Caserma Ederle

Last modified: 09 Sep 2019

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Vicenza

Latitude: 45° 34' 0" N     Longitude: 11° 31' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Vicenza; Camp/Caserna Ederle.
- US Army Africa (USARAF)
In 2008, US ambassador in Italy and the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced SETAF to be reassigned as Army component Hq US Africa Command (US Army Africa).This implies enablement of full spectrum ops while conducting sustained security engagement with African land forces to promote security and stability. USARAF is a 2 star general command.
- 173rd Airborne Bde with its subordinate units HHC Bde; 503 Inf Regt; 503 IR; 91 Cav Regt; 319 Abn Field Arty Regt; 173 Special Troops Bat and 173 Bde Suppt Bat
- 207th Military Intelligence Bde
- Vicenza Army Clinic

Combined USar/USAF Hq; SETAF/5 ATAF.Hq (1965-2008); 559 Field Arty Grp D Det; 66 Mil Intel Grp; 4 Batn 325 Abn Inf; 54 Sig Coy; 62 Eng Coy; 167 Sig ECCCS Coy; DEBS relay stn; Warhead Suppt Grp; SIGINT Suppt Grp

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