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WW2 Engel°ya

Last modified: 22 Aug 2015, submitted by: Gruell Richard

Country: Norway   

Latitude: 67° 58' 17" N     Longitude: 14° 59' 4" E

Area use / Military Branches: Batterie Dietl


67░58'17"N 14░59'5"E Nazi coastal defence. After two British commando raids on Lofoten in 1941, the Germans expected an Allied invasion in the Narvik area in an attempt to gain control of the iron ore and the port. The raids on Lofoten were perceived as so called armed reconnaissance before the final attack. That's why Hitler was ordered that the Harstad-Narvik area was given defences priority. This is most probably true as the German reaction to a possible Allied invasion was a formidable development of coastal defences which controlled the approaches towards Narvik, both from the west and north. Almost a quarter of the largest German coastal defences built in Norway were in Ofoten, Lofoten, Vesterňlen and the Harstad area. The German guns in Norway were never used in battle against the Allies during WW2. Both Batterie Dietl and Trondenes were incorporated into the Norwegian coastal defence after the war. Batterie Dietl , however, was never operative because of a lack of important equipment, much having been destroyed immediately after the war. What remained was transferred to Trondenes.

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