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Army Adelaide

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Country: Australia    Region: SA

Latitude: 34° 52' 13" S     Longitude: 138° 37' 15" E

Area use / Military Branches: Multiple unts


Adelaide SA

  1. Hampstead Bcks at this location is hosting
- Adelaide Universities Regt (AUR) an Australian Army Reserve officer training unit,
- Land Warfare Centre South Australia (LWC–SA), consisting of the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy South Australian Wing (WO & NCO A-SA Wing) and Regional Education Detachment South Australia, both of which are units of the Regular Army.
-: 4 Flight, No. 604 Squadron, Australian Air Force Cadets,
- 'A' Company, 44 Army Cadet Unit
- HQ South Australia Australian Army Cadet Bde

  1. Keswick Bcks at grid 34°56'43"S 138°34'51"E is hosting
- Army Museum SA

  1. Warradale Bcks at grid 34°59'54"S 138°32'31"E is hosting
- 3rd/9th Light Horse Sqn (South Australian Mounted Rifles) a reserve light cavalry regiment under 9 Bde command conducting recon, security, offensive and defensive ops and can operate independently for extended periods over large distances.

The Squadron consists of a Hq and 3 Troops; a Protected Mobility Troop, a Mounted Reconnaissance Troop and a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop.
equipped with Australian Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles and Land Rover, Regional Force Surveillance Vehicles

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