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1.RAF Overseas Akrotiri

Last modified: 20 Jun 2020

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Cyprus

Locale: Akotiri

Latitude: 34° 34' 59" N     Longitude: 32° 58' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


RAF Station Akotiri (LCRA) is one of 2 Sovereign Base Area (SBA) on Cyprus.
Base constructed in the mid-1950's and used by many squadrons. After 1966 the only RAF base on the Island and until 1974 home to a composite RAF Strike Command unit. Declassified documents (Tom Rhodes 31 December 2000. "Britain kept secret nuclear arsenal on Cyprus". The Sunday Times. London) revealed 48 'Red Beard' nuc bombs had been deployed at Akotiri at grid 3435'15"N 3257'22"E later being replaced by 20 WE177 bombs (1962-1972). As Turkish forces invaded Cyprus in connection with a Greek-sponsored coup RAF evacuated its nucs and certain UK forces.

Current status:
Cyprus Operations Support Unit (COSU) supporting air, land and sea training and operations for UK and allied forces by providing a secure airbase usable by all but the very largest aircraft and with its own mode for replenishing ships. With sufficient aviation fuel stores, explosive storage and dispersed aircraft parking for emergency air ops. It provides accommodation, transport and life support to exercising or operational troops. The RAF Aerobatics Team Red Arrows uses the airfield for working up before starting their display season. Akotiri is also used for Armament Practice Exercises.

Units based:
- COSU 903 Expeditionary Air Wing - supporting aircraft like Typhoon FGR4, Airbus KC 2/3 Voyager, C5 Hercules,
- No 84 helicopter Sq operating Griffins in SAR as well as utility role for peacekeeping forces on the island.
- RAF Regiment Det for infantry and counter terrorist duties
- Defence High Frequency Communications Service (TASCOMM) callsign CYPRUS

- USAF 9 Recon WIng/9 Ops Group Detachment operating U-2S .

Future: no changes

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