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NATO Izmir army garrison

Last modified: 14 Oct 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey   

Locale: Gen. Vecihi Akin Garrison

Latitude: 38° 23' 24" N     Longitude: 27° 8' 34" E

Area use / Military Branches: NATO LANDCOM HQ


HQ Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) was established in 2012 at Izmir, Turkey, in compliance with the 2010 NATO Strategic Concept.

This new component command HQ was conceived to make NATOs Command Structure streamlined in efficiency as part of a reduction from 11 to 6 major HQs assuming the missions of Forces Command Heidelberg (Germany) and Forces Command Madrid (Spain) which deactivated in 2013.

LANDCOM provides the core of a Joint Force Command HQ responsible for conducting land ops and synchronizing land forces command and control (C2) in accordance with the Allied Level of Ambition.

In peacetime, LANDCOM serves as principal NATO advisor, providing expertise in support of NATO's land forces readiness, competency and standardization, including evaluation and certification.

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