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INS Kattabomman

Last modified: 05 Apr 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: India   

Latitude: 8° 23' 56" N     Longitude: 77° 45' 11" E

Area use / Military Branches: Naval comms facility


VLF Transmitter Grid in the form of a 6 pointed star. Main Transmitter Station (MTS) at the center and transmission towers at the points. There are 13 Transmission towers totally. The grid is composed of a central mast and 2 concentric circles of 6 masts each. Callsign: VTX. Frequency: 16 KHz (VTX1) / 17 KHz (VTX2) / 18.2 KHz (VTX3) / 19.4 KHz (VTX4)
Whereas a submarine on the surface can transmit and receive wireless messages just like a ship can, submerged submarines can only receive wireless messages on Very Low Frequency (VLF). VLF transmitters require huge antennae suspended high above the ground. Installation of the VLF Transmitter commenced in 1987. Trials completed in 1989 and in 1990, the VLF Transmitting Station was commissioned as INS KATTABOMMAN.

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