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AIR GRND SEA Joint Hq Bucharest

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Country: Romania   

Latitude: 44° 25' 36" N     Longitude: 24° 4' 39" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


- Ministry of Defence
Romania joined NATO in 2004 and transferred from a conscript army into a professional armed force with an Army strength of appx 36.000 personnel, an Air Force of appx 10.500 personnel, a Navy of appx 6.800 personnel and a Combined force of appx 16.000 personnel.
- Joint Forces General Staff Supreme Command
The Supreme Command consists of a 3 star general commanding the Ground Force, a 3 star general commanding the Air Force and a rear admiral commanding the Naval Force

AIR force
The Romanian Air Force (ROAF) has an HQ, an operational command, several air bases and an air defense brigade. Reserve forces include 2 air bases and 3 airfields. Confirming the agreement with the United States for missile defense fixbased SM-3 systems have been installed in Romania. In 2011, the location has been confirmed: former airbase Deveselu. The system includes 3 batteries with 24 SM-3 missiles manned by appx maximum 500 USN military under Romanian Air Force command. The Deveselu Aegis Ashore site became operational in 2016.

GRND force
The main component of the Romanian armed forces are undergoing a modernisation. In 2007, the 1st short-term stage was completed (reorganisation of the command structure and implementation of the voluntary military service). 2015 marked the end of the 2nd stage (operational integration in both NATO and EU). 2025 is the set date for when the long-term stage is to be completed (full technical integration in NATO and the EU). The stages aim at modernising the structure of the armed forces, reducing the number of personnel, as well as acquiring newer and improved technology compatible with NATO standards

SEA force
The Romanian navy operates in the Black Sea and on the Danube and is organized in a Frigate and a Riverine Flotilla. Its equipment consists of Type 22 frigates, a "Mărășești" class frigate, four corvettes , three Tarantul-I missile corvettes, three Osa class torpedo boats, one minelayer, four minesweepers, three "Mihail Kogălniceanu" class river patrol monitors, five SmÔrdan-class river monitor and other small crafts and auxiliary ships

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