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WW2 Strzyżw

Last modified: 08 Feb 2020, submitted by: Eisbein

Country: Poland   

Latitude: 52° 37' 51" N     Longitude: 22° 3' 7" E

Area use / Military Branches: Anlage Sd annex


Strzyżw 4952'9"N 2148'24"E the train tunnel at Strzyżw (7 kms east of the Stępina bunker), was the only facility of Anlage Sd that was an actual underground tunnel and not a concrete bunker
As a tunnel, this was the only facility where a train could drive in or out going either direction (the concrete bunkers had one entry/exit only).
The 472 meter long tunnel had double entry doors at each end, with concrete cubes covering the side personnel entrances to the platform inside.
Here Hitler's special train "Amerika" was parked over the night of 27-28 August 1941, when he met Benito Mussolini. Hitler drove from here to meet with Mussolini at the Stępina bunker, then they returned here to dine in Hitler's dining car.

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