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7.Utah state ArNG

Last modified: 28 Apr 2022, submitted by: Captain Scarlet

Country: United States    Region: Utah

Locale: dispersed

Latitude: 40° 30' 56" N     Longitude: -112° 6' 46" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Utah state Army National Guard with its Joint HQ at Draper at grid 14030'57"N 1153'14"W
Its dispersed subordinates:
-- 640th Regt /Regional Training Institute (Riverton)
-- Medical Command (Riverton)
-- Ops Suppt Airlift Agency Det 50 (Salt Lake City)
-- Recruiting and Retention Command (Draper)
-- Utah Training Center (Camp Williams) incl NSA Data Center ; 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and 65th Field Arty Brigade

- 97th Troop Command (Draper) with 85 WMD support team; 144 Support Medical Co ; Army Band, Mobile Publuic Affairs Det
- 97th Aviation Troop Command with 2 Bn;s 211 Aviation Regiment
-- 115th Maintenance Company (Draper)
-- 144th Medical Company (Riverton)
-- 197th Special Troops Company Airborne (Ogden)
-- 653d Trial Defense Team (Draper)
-- 1993d Contingency Contracting Team (Draper)

- 65th Field Arty Bde (Riverton) with HHC and 2 companies
-- 1st Battalion, 145th Field Artillery Regiment (Spanish Fork) with HHB and 3 batteries
-- 2d Battalion, 222d Field Artillery Regiment (Cedar City) with HHB and 3 batteries

- 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group/Airborne (Riverton) with HHC and 4 companies

- 300th Military Intelligence Brigade HHC (Draper)
-- 141st Military Intelligence Battalion (Orem) with HHC and 4 companies
-- 142nd Military Intelligence Battalion (NSL Readiness Center) with HHC and 4 companies

- 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade HHC (Riverton)
-- 115th Engineer Detachment
-- 217th Signal Company/Network Suppt
-- 489th Brigade Support Battalion (Lehi) with HHC and 2 companies
-- 1457th Engineer Battalion (American Fork) with HHC and 8 companies

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