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7.Alabama state ArNG

Last modified: 11 May 2022, submitted by: Captain Scarlet

Country: United States    Region: Alabama

Locale: dispersed

Latitude: 32° 24' 26" N     Longitude: -87° 44' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Alabama state Army National Guard units.
- 167th Theater Sustainment Command
- 122 Troop Command
- 62 Troop Command
- 31 Chemical Brigade
- 20 Special Forces Grp

are trained and equipped as part of the US Army. National Guard units can be mobilized at any time by presidential order to supplement regular armed forces, and upon declaration of a state of emergency by the governor of the state in which they serve.

Alabama state ARNG units:
- HQ Alabama ARNG at grid 3224'27"N 8615'34"W
- 122nd Troop Command with 1103rd Combat Support Sustainment Battalion and 161st Medical Battalion (Multifunctional)

- 131 Aviation Regt A Company Montgomery Regional Airpt and B Company Mobile Regional Airpt
-151 Avn Regt C Company Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airpt
-- 1204 Avn Suppt Bn

- 62 Troop Command
-- 1st Battalion, 167th Infantry Regiment
-- 226th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade with 31st Signal Company, 711th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Battalion, 117th Field Artillery Regiment

- 31 Chemical Bde at Northport
-- 145th Chemical Battalion with 2 Companies
-- 151st Chemical Battalion.with 2 Companies
-- 231st Military Police Battalion with 3 Companies
-- 203rd Military Police Battalion with 3 Companies
-- 877th Engineer Battalion with 4 Companies

- 20 SF Group at Birmingham

- 167th Theater Sustainment Command 440th Theater Opening Element, 279th Army Field Support Bde and 111th Ordnance Grp (EOD)

- 135th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

- 200th Regiment Training Institute (Schools, Studies and Academics):with 1st BN - Officer Candidate School, 2nd BN - Military Police and 3rd BN - Engineers, BNOC

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