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7.Washington state ArNG

Last modified: 02 Feb 2019, submitted by: Ralph Wescott

Country: United States    Region: Washington

Latitude: 47° 6' 55" N     Longitude: -123° 25' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Washington state Army National Guard is at Camp Murray at grid 47 6'55"N 12234'7"W with
- Headquarters, Joint Forces Hq with
-- Recruiting and Retention batallion; WA Army National Guard Medical Cmd; 10th Civil Support Team (WMD); 1244th Judge Advocate Trial Defense Team and Training Site Cmd

The other WA Army NG are:
- 66th Theater Aviation Cmd (JB Lewis-McChord) with
-- Hq, 66st Theater Aviation Cmd; C Coy, 1-112th Aviation Security and Support; 1-140th Aviation Regt (Assault); 1-168th Aviation Regt (GSAB); Det 2, A Coy/ 641st Theater Aviation; Det 1, B Coy/ 351st Aviation Suppt Battalion and Det 51, Ops Suppt Airlift Cmd

- 81st Armored Brigade Combat Team (Seattle) with
-- 81st HHC; 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry Regt; 1st Sq, 303rd Cavalry Regt; 2nd Battalion, 146th Field Artillery Regt; 181st Support Battalion and 81st Brigade Special Troops Battalion

- 96th Troop Cmd with
-- HHC; Theater Specops Det; A Coy, 1st Battalion, 19th SF Group; 133rd Army Band; 141st Military History Det; 951st Maintenance Coy and 506th MP Det (Law and Order)

- 56th Theater Information Ops Group with
-- 156th Information Ops Battalion; 144th Army LSO Team ; 122nd Public Affairs Ops Center

- 341st Mil Intell Battalion with A and B Companies 341st Military Intelligence Battalion

- 420th Chemical Battalion with
-- 540th Chemical Det; 790th Chemical Coy (MVR Support); 792nd Chemical Coy (Heavy); 1041st Transport Coy (Light/Medium); 1161st Transport Coy (PLS)

- 741st Ordnance Battalion with
-- 319th EOD Coy; 176th Eng Coy (Vertical); 204th Eng Coy (MAC); 286th Eng Coy

- 205th Regt Hq Coy with 1st and 2nd battalions, 205th Regt

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