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SIGINT Beijing Haidian HQ

Last modified: 29 Oct 2014, submitted by: 福建

Country: China   

Latitude: 40° 1' 41" N     Longitude: 116° 14' 13" E

Area use / Military Branches: SIGINT HQ GSD 3d/4th Depts


Recently the People‘s Liberation Army (PLA) General Staff Dept (GSD) unveiled China's first Information Support (SIGINT) Base.
It is supposed to be China‘s cyber command, tasked to deal with cyber threats and to safeguard China‘s national security.

PLA's 3d and 4th Depts are considered the largest players in China‘s SIGINT infrastructure and are being considered as counterparts of the NSA.
They are responsible for all facets of technical reconnaissance, collection of wireless line of sight comms, satcom, cyber surveillance, network traffic analysis, network security, encryption/decryption, translation and political, military and economic analysis.

The HQ complex is located at grid 40° 1'41"N 116°14'14"E and is clustered together with the nearby GSD Ops Department at grid 40° 0'57"N 116°15'10"E, they are connected 24/7 with a watch center in Xishan Mountain, the Academy of Military Science (AMS) and National Defense University (NDU).

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