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SIGINT intercept facility

Last modified: 15 Apr 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: France    Region: Djibouti

Latitude: 11° 32' 3" N     Longitude: 43° 9' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


For years, this joint French secret service ( DGSE) and French military intelligence service (DRM), HF intercept site has been operational in the African republic of Djibouti
The station has half a dozen HF intercept antennas and a small CDAA HFDF antenna.
Because of the extended airco capacity (desert) the ops building is larger than at a typical DGSE intercept station in France, accommodating a total of appx 50 DGSE/DRM SIGINT personnel working 24/7.
The station is monitoring militant groups operating in the region as well as diplomatic and military targets in the Arabian Peninsula and throughout the region
Site security is provided by French military personnel tationed nearby

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