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RNZAF Wigram

Last modified: 12 Mar 2018, submitted by: Cobber

Country: New Zealand   

Latitude: 43° 33' 20" S     Longitude: 172° 33' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed & demolished


Former RNZAF Wigram. used to be home to RNZAF Central Flying School (CFS). Closed in 1995
After the end of the cold war the New Zealand government almost phased out its entire air force... a very idealistic but plain naive action!
RNZAF Te Rapa closed 1992; Wigram and Shelly Bay in 1995. RNZAF Hobsonville was sold 1997 being redeveloped as a housing area.
Operations Group and Support Group were brought together forming RNZAF Air Command,
RNZAF Air Command also disbanded in 2001 when the Labour Government removed the RNZAF air combat capability completely by cancelling the purchase of 40x F-16 Fighting Falcons and by disbanding No 2 and No 75 Skyhawk squadrons and No 14 Aermacchi squadron.
Most of the RNZAF's fighter pilots subsequently left New Zealand to serve in the RAAF and the RAF.
By 2003 the RNZAF was reduced to only 53 helicopters and utility aircraft. No fighters or airdefense aircraft available . . .

Video footage of phasing out of the Skyhawks

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